Together we help each other to become the best. We do everything to always be there for our customers, increase our quality and to be on the front edge when it comes to business development. When working with us you can grow and develop in an inspired environment, whether you apply to be a driver, carrier, work in customer service or if you want to work in one of our other departments such as finance, IT or market. Taxi Göteborg Ekonomisk Förening employs approximately 700 people and they are all equally important to us.


As a driver with us you will be a part of western Sweden's oldest and largest taxi company. We offer an internal drivers education after you have gotten your taxi driver identification. Aften you send in your registration of interest, which can be done on the link below, you will be called to our driver admissions board and pre-test. If you are approved, our internal 7-day education starts. After that you will be an employee at one of our 100 haulage contractors.
Registration of interest (Swedish)

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Main office

Depending on which job you are looking for, your work tasks will vary but unlike drivers and carriers you will be employed by Taxi Göteborgs Ekonomiska Förening directly. As a co-worker at our service center you can be our voice out and the first customer contact with Taxi Göteborg, or be the traffic planner. Booking, customer service and sales are some of the areas included in these services.
See availiable positions (Swedish)


To become a part of us means that you become a part of a network where everybody works to take Taxi Göteborg onwards. You also become a part of an organisation that is constantly working to improve the working conditions in the taxi industry. 

With us you get the ability to improve, we see your participation as obvious. We are looking for people who want to take on the responsibility of Taxi Göteborgs future. 

You need to have what it takes to run a business in a successful and serious manner, with responsibility over employees and finances, as well as to have an understanding of the distinct service occupation that being a taxi driver is.
Apply to become a carrier (Swedish)

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