Our history

Since 1922

Taxi Göteborg was founded in 1922. We were the first taxi company in Gothenburg and were called Göteborgs Droskägarförening. To order a cab you could either walk or call the closest taxistation. A “phone boy” took incoming calls and then ran out with the address information to any of the carriages waiting. 

The vehicles were horse-drawn carriages. This was the case until the end of the 1920’s, then the horse-drawn carriages were switched for motor driven vehicles. In the middle of the 1960’s radio stations and communication gear were installed in the cars.

Svart-vit bild på en gammal taxi och en förare

Computerized orders

In the early 1980s, operations changed significantly. As the first taxi company in the world, we introduced a computerized ordering function. This allowed the switchboard operators to book vacant cars without talking to the drivers.

Free competition

The next big change was in 1990, when the taxi market monopoly in Sweden was deregulated and free competition became reality. To separate from the new competition all of Taxi Göteborgs cars went white in the middle of the 1990’s. Before that our vehicle fleet could exist in (almost) all of the rainbow colors.

Stig the taxi driver

To make our profile even stronger, and also distinguish us from imitators and unreliable companies, Taxi Göteborg got a new face in the beginning of the 2000’s: Stig. 

Stig is the happy taxi driver that is in our logotype. Stig is a fictitious taxi driver but his role model was in every aspect real. Ragnar Fagerberg, Stigs role model is a legend within Taxi Göteborg. His father was one of the founders in 1922 and Ragnar himself drove the largest fleet in the association.

En illustration av taxi chauffören Stig som är en del av Taxi Göteborgs logotyp.

Online booking and national taxi network

In 2005 Taxi Göteborg took another big step forward by implicating booking taxis online. Right after this Taxi Göteborg was one of about one hundred members in the newly formed national taxi network Svea Taxi Allians. The next step was in 2009, when Taxi Göteborg and Taxi Väst started a close collaboration. In 2010 we became partners in Taxi Stenungsund and since 2012 we are the owners of Taxi Kungsbacka.

Today, Taxi Göteborg is the largest company in western Sweden, with approximately 300 vehicles and around 650 drivers. We drive all hours of the day, 365 days a year, and perform approximately 3000 trips each day.