Svea Taxi Allians

Svea Taxi Allians consists of more than one hundred taxi companies all over Sweden. Taxi Göteborg is one of them.

Easy payment

If you are a contract customer at Taxi Göteborg and travel with a Svea-taxi, you can always pay with Taxikortet Företag.

Call home and order

No matter where you are located you can always call Taxi Göteborg, and we will forward you to the local Svea-taxi central. (Provided that you are located at ony of the approximately hundred places that the members of Svea covers. 

Sveas customer promises

  1. Taxi operators will respond all hours of the day, every day of the year*
  2. Pre-orders will get you a car all hours of the day, every day of the year*
  3. With a direct order your taxi will arrive within fifteen minutes*
  4. Correct pricing when paying
  5. All taxi journeys can be specified on one invoice
  6. Actively work to reduce negative impact on the environment
  7. If you have a complaint you will get feedback within three business days 
  8. All drivers can show a driver identification
  9. Documented security policy around alcohol and drugs
*Exceptions may occur on certain smaller locations
Logotyp för Svea Taxi Allians

You recognize Svea Taxi Allians by the yellow crown that is located on the side windows of the taxi car. Read more about Svea Taxi Allians.