Corporate account

For companies that want to take control of their travel, we offer the company account free of charge:

  • Book online, corporate booking.
  • Manage your account yourself to get a quick overview of booked trips and history. Choose between giving your employees personal login information, or letting your travel manager book trips for your staff and customers.
  • Book by phone through our company service, with priority phone number.
  • Monthly invoices with a clear account of your taxi journeys (about credit).
  • Turnover discount
  • Statistics
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Taxiförare hämtar kvinna på flygplats

Payment options

As a corporate customer with credit, you can choose between three different payment routines in our cars.

Customer number

Trips booked by phone with reference to the company's customer number can be invoiced directly. The traveler's name, date, time, pick-up address and reference are reported on the invoice. For questions about the company account or card, please contact us at our customer portal.

Online booking

To book trips for guests, customers, employees or yourself, the online booking is recommended. Create an account on our website and choose the account that suits you. All trips booked when you are logged in are bonus-based. You can also choose to activate invoicing on the trips. The creator of the account will be the account administrator, which means that you are the owner of it. As an account administrator, you can:

  • invite people or a group to become Travel Administrators with their own login and booking option. This is practical if, for example, a reception, customer service or administrative department is to be responsible for booking travel.
  • invite users to get their own login to only book trips. This can be a good fit if you have a visitor who is going to book their own trips.

Taxikortet Företag

Taxikortet Företag is a personal payment card. The card makes it easy to travel, pay and follow up on the holder's taxi habits. Travel paid for with the Taxi Card Company is invoiced. Each cardholder receives their own appendix to the invoice where the date, time, collection address and reference are clearly stated. Also valid as payment with our partners within Svea Taxi Alliance.
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