Airport, hotel and train service

We always strive to be available to our customers where they need us. Therefore, our cars are present at Landvetter Airport, the central train station, avenyn, the ferry terminal and at several of the large hotels in the city. Read more.


Spoil yourself with a trip in our VIP-cars. Book an Executive trip and get a first class taxi experience with premium cars and experienced, well dressed drivers.

Book at 031-65 15 75

This service is 250 kronor + ordinary taxes for the trip. This trip needs to be cancelled 90 minutes prior to the booking or you will be fully charged.

Service trips

Taxi Göteborg delivers service trips for multiple clients, for example transportation services for Gothenburg Municipality, healthcare journeys and school trips for Västtrafik. Read more.

Other services

En ikon av en glödlampa med två små blad som växer inuti och strålar som kommer från lampan


We offer guided tours through the city center for groups of 1-4 people or 5-8 people.
En ikon föreställande tre personer i grupp under ett plustecken

Large groups

If you are traveling in larger groups together, we can help with coordination and booking adapted to your needs.
En ikon av en taxibil framifrån

Taxi hosts

If you want help with the taxi instruction at a larger event, you can hire one or more taxi hosts who can help!
En ikon föreställande en portfölj

Taxi delivery

Fast and secure courier deliveries with Taxi! We help you with great service based on your needs.

Do you need anything else?

With great flexibility we strive to offer you different solutions. 
If you have specific needs you are welcome to contact us at our  customer portal and we will help you.