Privacy Policy

Taxi Göteborg Ekonomisk Förening, corporate identity number 757200-4351 (”Taxi Göteborg”) is responsible for processing your personal data (personal data controller). For us at Taxi Göteborg, privacy is an important part of our promise to you as a customer as well as a way to distinguish ourselves from rogue taxi companies. Both during the trip and when your personal data is processed, you shall always feel safe with us constantly making your integrity our first priority. Thus, it is completely natural for us to always protect your personal data in the best way possible and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding data protection at any given time.

Through this privacy policy, we wish to inform you on how your personal data is being processed because either you or the company you work for have registered an account with us.

In addition to the terms of this policy, we also process personal data because you make, or have made, a trip with us, such as personal data that in one way or another is related to your trip.

Where the following text says ”you”, this refers to you as a private account customer, as well as a corporate account customer. If you have any questions about how we treat your personal information or want to exercise your rights, as described in more detail in the privacy policy, you can always contact us at

Handling personal data

Taxi Göteborg Ekonomisk Förening is responsible for the personal data you, as a customer, provide when booking a taxi by phone or our website. Taxi Göteborg uses your personal information to perform your booking and in connection with this provide you with the best possible service. Your information is not disclosed to any other party. You are entitled to access the information registered about you. If the information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant you have the right to request that the information is corrected. Contact Taxi Göteborg by phone or e-mail.


On 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaced the Personal Data Act (PuL) and governs how we can process your personal data at Taxi Göteborg. 

For Taxi Gothenburg, integrity is a part of our commitment to you as a customer and a way to distinguish us from unscrupulous taxi companies. Both during the taxi ride and when your personal information is processed  - you will feel safe because we will always think of your privacy. 

Here we describe how we treat your personal information when booking  a trip with us when you have a registered account. We process your personal information mainly to administer and complete your trip, to create and manage your account with us, to calculate and pay your customer bonus as well as to provide you with important information. 

We will also process your e-mail address to send newsletters. You can opt out of our newsletters at any time. Simply click on one of our "Unsubscribe" links in a newsletter.

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