Travel with children

All our cars have a belt cushion available. Car seats both for babies and toddlers can be booked both on our website and in our app.

You can bring your own car seat or order one. The number of cars with car seats is limited so we can’t guarantee direct transport. Because of this the driver will call you when the car is on the way. Kids that are…

  • between 0-9 months should ride in a seat designed for babies.
  • Until the child reaches four-five years old they should always be seated in a rearfacing car seat.
  • From four years until the child reaches a minimum of 135 cm they should always ride on a seat cushion, forward facing.
Bebis i babyskydd i bil

When travelling longer distances, for example to Landvetter Airport from Gothenburg, we ask that you book your car at least 6 hours in advance. If there are traffic jams or other delays when the car is on the way to pick you up we can’t send a different car as it might not have a child seat available, so make sure to have plenty of time for your journey. If there are delays the driver will call you when approaching, so you can wait inside as long as possible.

Price information on car seats.

Of course you can bring and use your own car seat, then there are no added fees. Taxi Göteborg follows the regulations of Transportstyrelsen and the recommendations of Trafikverket when travelling with kids in a car.

Hund som sitter fint på trottoar

Travel with pets

In general, most of our cars can drive you and your pet, but there are cars that are exempt. When booking online or in our app simply select the option for pets so that the driver can welcome you and your pet on board.

The following rules apply when travelling with pets:

  • Pets transported in cages must be placed in the luggage compartment.
  • Dogs can travel in a passenger seat if you as a customer have brought a seat belt for a dog. However, our drivers always have the right to refer all pets to the luggage compartment.

We also follow the regulations and recommendations of the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

For further questions, create a case in our customer portal.