A trip with Taxi Göteborg

The happy taxi man.

To make sure you are getting in a car from Taxi Göteborg, pay attention to Stig - the happy taxi man - that decorates our cars and the taxi drivers ID-card on their chest that shows they are from Taxi Göteborg.


You can order a taxi in several different ways:

Direct order

With a direct order, the search for a vacant car starts immediately and your car arrives as soon as possible.

  • Grab a car on the streets. ("Hands up order")
  • Order through our app, website or by telephone.

Pre order

A pre-booked trip means that you want a free car at a specific date and time.

  • Order through our app, website or by telephone.
En illustration av taxi chauffören Stig som är en del av Taxi Göteborgs logotyp.

Basic fee and additonal fees

Either way you order, we have a basic fee. If your trip starts at Landvetter Airport or Gothenburg Central Station there is also an additional fee. The additional fee is what Taxi Göteborg pays Swedavia and Jernhusen, to be able to use the taxi lanes at their locations.

Comparison Price

No matter what taxi company you ride with - always look at the comparison price. According to Swedish law all taxi cars need to have price information, designed after a specific template, on the back window of the vehicle. On this sticker there needs to be a comparison price, based on a 10- kilometer ride taking 15 minutes. See Taxi Göteborgs comparison prices.

Fixed Price

When you book via our app or website, you automatically get a fixed price on your trip. The price is based on the distance traveled between selected destinations and the estimated travel time.

Running fee / Taximeter prices

To travel by taximeter, you can take a car on the street (so-called "hands up"), or you could call us and make a booking through the phone.. Then you travel according to our taximeter prices. The tariffs are of the "sum tariff" model. This means that the taximeter calculates the price by adding the basic fee + route price + hourly price. An exception is travel to and from Landvetter Airport - then our already discounted price always applies.

Security camera

Our cars are equipped with security cameras. The moment you enter the car, our security camera takes five pictures. When you open the door to get out, five pictures are taken again. The camera in the car can also serve the function of identifying forgotten objects and counting the number of passengers in the car. Our camera permit allows the CEO and traffic manager to view the images in a special viewing program. Inspection of images usually takes place in connection with a request from the police. Alternatively, inspection can also occur if the CEO or traffic manager deems it necessary to deal with a specific situation.

We store images as long as required for the intended purpose. If the data is processed for multiple purposes, it will be deleted or stored in an anonymised form that cannot be traced directly to you.

The images increase safety for both drivers and customers. These images have helped the Police on several occasions to identify people and investigate crimes. A sticker shows that the car is authorized to use a security camera.

Destination and payment

Unless your trip is pre paid through our app or website the payment occurs when you have arrived at your destination. Then you can pay with cash or card. If you are the holder of “Taxikortet företag” you swipe the card one more time. You can find all the information about your trip on the receipt. Make sure to always save the receipt so that we can easily identify which car you have taken - maybe you forgot something in the car?

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact our customer service via the customer portal. They have answers to most things concerning Taxi Gothenburg.

Safe travels!