The largest and oldest taxi company in West Sweden

Since 1922, we have offered our customers safely and securely transport in Gothenburg. Your taxi experience is our responsibility!

If you have a English phone number you need to call us for booking. If you have a Swedish phone number you can easily book your taxi in our app.

+46 (0) 31-650 000

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En illustration av taxi chauffören Stig som är en del av Taxi Göteborgs logotyp.
Gul och rund bakgrund och en telefon med appen igång

Smooth booking
in our new app

  • Gul cirkel med moln med en nedåtpil för nedladdning

    Download the app on Google Play or App Store.

  • En platsnåls ikon på en karta

    Share your location and where you want to go and we will give you a fixed price.

  • Gul cirkel med mobiltelefon och bankkort som betalstätt

    Book the trip and pay by card or Swish.

  • Gul cirkel med kvittoikon

    Get access to all your receipts in the app.

  • Kreditkort med en rund och ljusgul bakgrund

    Bonus on all your trips!

A yellow cirkcle with a black icon featuring a lightbulb with leafs inside


Most of our cars are powered by fossil-free fuel. We work on the basis of the industry's management system "Säker Grön Taxi" for the environment, quality and traffic safety.

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With the biggest fleet in the city, we are there for you - no matter when you need a taxi. Book on the website or in our app. Get the app in App Store or Google Play.

Gul cirkel med ikon som föreställer en prisdekal


Since 1922, our cars have driven in the city with pride and passion. We always want to offer our customers a smooth and safe taxi ride, every day of the year.