Almost 100 years at the service of Gothenburg

Since 1922 we have been there for people in all of lifes moments. We are proud of our history, but even more so of where we are going - all for the sake of creating the best taxi experience just for you.

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About us

Taxi Göteborg is the largest taxi company in West Sweden. We operate primarily in Gothenburg and its outer municipalities. We create trips for:

  • Community management (e.g. travel service, medical trips and school travel)
  • Business travelers that trave to, from or within the region
  • Corporations with transportational needs
  • Private individuals

Business idea

Taxi Göteborg offers transportation for people with the best service for corporations, the community and private individuals.

Our core values

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The sustainable choice

Most of our cars use fossil free fuel. We work on the basis of the industry's management system "Safe Green Taxi" for the environment, quality and traffic safety.

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Always available for you

With the most cars in town, we are there for you - no matter when you need a taxi. Book easily here on the website or in our app.

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100 years of experience

For 100 years, our cars have driven around Gothenburg with experience, pride and passion, every day, all year round. We know Gothenburg, quite simply!

Our drivers

We place high standards on our taxi drivers. To be allowed to drive a taxi with us you must undergo and be approved in our own taxi school, which includes among other things: local knowledge, security, booking system, taximeter procedure, customer agreements, tariffs, traffic rules and of course internships in traffic.

Drivers who perform care trips (travel services and medical trips) undergo extra training to be able to help customers with special needs.


Taxi Göteborg is an economic association. The association is owned by about 100 members. It is these members who run the hauliers that own all taxis and employ our taxi drivers - who make about 3,000 trips per day.

About 35 people work in our office with customer service, finance, IT, haulage service, information, marketing and sales.