Service trips

Service trips is a collective name for various trips that are paid for in whole or in part by society.

Taxi Göteborg performs service trips for several different clients, for example:

  • Transportation service Gothenburg Municipality
  • Medical trips for Västtrafik
  • School trips (more info below)

Service trips that are to be invoiced to clients cannot be booked directly with Taxi Göteborg. They are booked at each client's order center.

For tenders / procurements of service trips, you are welcome to contact Taxi Göteborgs sales department.

Insurance account

For the insurance trips where you pay for the trip yourself and receive payment from the social insurance office afterwards, you can create an insurance account with Taxi Göteborg. The month's trips are collected on an invoice, which is paid in arrears.

Create an insurance account

Log in and book online at or call 031-650 000

Before we open your insurance account, we take a credit report, which must be approved. You will find information about our personal data management here.

School trips

Information for municipalities where we do not yet make school trips

Taxi Göteborg performs school trips for municipalities in Västra Götaland. Even with special vehicles, if the student has special needs.

The student's safety is always most important when we drive school trips. But the client's finances and environmental issues are also important parameters. That is why we work with a unique system for co-planned trips, Klara.

  • … gives full control over each trip
  • … creates cost efficiency
  • … minimizes fuel emissions

Do you want to let Taxi Göteborg carry out your municipality's school trips? Welcome to contact Taxi Gothenburg sales department.