Corporate Terms and Conditions

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These terms and conditions (”Terms”) apply between Taxi Göteborg Ekonomisk Förening, org. nr. 757200–4351 (”Taxi Göteborg”, ”we”, ”our”, ”us”), and Corporate Customer (”Corporate Customer”, ”you”, ”your/s) when the Corporate customer, or a physical individual that represents the Corporate customer, book, pay and carry through a trip with any of the taxi cars owned by Taxi Göteborg (“Service”). The corporate customer is responsible for ensuring that all physical persons who the Corporate customer allows to use the Service comply with the Terms.

These Terms also contain special terms for your corporate account (section 5).

Because you accept the Terms during the registration of a corporate account, when you book your trip through any of our digital platforms, or when you otherwise use our Service, the Corporate customer becomes bound by these Terms. The Terms that when you book are also the ones that apply for the trip that the booking refers to.

You can read more about how we handle personal information in our privacy policy, which you will find here:

1 About us

Taxi Göteborg is an economic association that is owned by around 100 members. These members are the ones who operate each haulage and employ taxi drivers. We place high demands on our drivers and provide them with education in, among other things, local area knowledge, safety, booking systems, how to handle taximeters, customer contracts, tariffs, traffic regulations and, of course, internship in traffic. Drivers that perform care travels (transportation service and sick leave) go through extra education in order to be able to help customers with special needs.

Taxi Göteborg provides personal transportation for private customers, corporations and business travellers and by communal administration (transportation service, sick leave and school transportations). Taxi Göteborg wants to be the obvious local choice of taxi company in West Sweden that provides sustainable, safe and secure transportation with good service and availability.

Each vehicle associated with Taxi Göteborg has insurance against damage to passengers and property.

These Terms govern Taxi Göteborgs obligations to you as a customer, as well as your obligations as a customer when travelling with us.

2 About the service - your trip with us

2.1 Becoming a Corporate Customer with us

The procedure of becoming a Corporate Customer with us is as follows.

First, you fill in an application form on Taxi Gothenburg's website and submit your application. Your application is then sent directly to a credit information service. The results from the credit check are then sent to our customer service department, which makes an assessment of your creditworthiness. If you are considered creditworthy, we will request that a qualified signatory sign a corporate customer agreement with us, which is done through digital signing. When the agreement is signed, an account is opened automatically and you are assigned a customer number. We will also register a company account for you, read more under section 5 below.

All our Corporate Customers are invoiced monthly if no other payment solution has been specifically agreed, read more under section 3.1 below.

2.3 Booking a trip

As a Business Customer, you have a unique customer number at Taxi Göteborg, which must always be stated when booking. You can book a trip with us by telephone or via

When you order a taxi by telephone, your booking is confirmed verbally via the operator. As a Corporate Customer, you have access to a priority number that gives priority to the exchange, this number is: 031–651515.

Make sure as soon as possible that your booking has been correct, if this is not the case contact us immediately, see our contact details for our customer portal below under section 9.

2.4 Preorder from the airport

If you preorder a taxi from an airport Taxi Göteborg will meet you up with a nameplate in the welcome hall, provided that you have given the flight number during the booking so that we may monitor the time of arrival.

2.5 Booking a courier

As a Corporate Customer you may book a courier with Taxi Göteborg. Taxi Göteborgs courier service runs every day, around the clock. Du can book the courier in the same way as you order a regular trip, but make sure to inform us that this is a courier booking.

2.6 Prices

Current prices are presented by Taxi Göteborg at each time in regards to the price list on our website or in accordance with a separate agreement between Taxi Göteborg and you. Taximeter applies if nothing else is agreed upon.

Additional charges may apply, such as a fee for driving up and a fee from the airport or the central station.

2.7 Additional services

You may also order additional services, such as a hatchback, a child's car seat, baby protection, or minivan. Current prices for additional services are presented in the price list on our website.

2.8 Cancelling and refund

When booking a taxi through telephone or via our website you may cancel your booking up to 30 minutes before scheduled pickup time.

If you cancel your trip later than 30 minutes before the scheduled pickup time we will charge you for the full cost of the trip, according to the fixed price for the pickup and dropoff addresses.

If you have cancelled your trip and are entitled to a refund, the current amount will not be invoiced.

2.9 Luggage and forgotten equipment

Our drivers can help you load and unload your luggage in and out of the vehicle. We ask that you pack your luggage with care to make sure it can withstand transportation. If your luggage were to be damaged during the trip you may be entitled to compensation for the damage depending on the specific circumstances.

Taxi Göteborg will not be held responsible for forgotten equipment, thus you should always look carefully around the vehicle before exiting at your destination. If you were to find forgotten things from a previous traveller we ask that you inform the driver.

Should you discover that you have forgotten something in one of our taxi cars you are welcome to contact us as soon as possible so that we may assist you as best we can.

Taxi Göteborg do not store any forgotten found things. Discovered valuables are handed over to the Police’s department of lost property.

2.10 If you take the wrong car

When you book a taxi through telephone you will enter your customer number and/or your first and last name as a reference. When the taxi car arrives you state your name to the driver which then confirms the booking so that your trip can begin.

When you book a taxi on our website you also provide your customer number, then you will receive a booking confirmation from us via e-mail and/or SMS with your booking reference as well as the car number on the taxi. The driver will then receive a corresponding confirmation as soon as they have accepted your booking and make their way to you. Your booking reference will always match the drivers booking reference, which you may find on the roof sign of the car. The driver may also verbally confirm the booking reference.

You only have the right to use the taxi that you have ordered. Always make sure that you choose the right taxi. If you step into another traveller's car that traveller may be left without a proper taxi. If you repeatedly use someone else’s car, Taxi Göteborg reserves the right to deny you further access to the Service.

2.11 If the taxi does not show up or is late

If the taxi does not arrive at the assigned pickup location on the agreed upon pickup time we ask that you call us immediately.

If the taxi is delayed by more than 20 minutes to the trip's end destination or is completely absent because of circumstances on our side you have the right to a standardised compensation. The compensation. The compensation is made by deducting an equal amount from your next invoice.

The highest amount of compensation you may receive in case of an absent or delayed taxi is, in all cases in accordance with these Terms, a sum of up to 2000 SEK.

In case of an absent or delayed taxi due to circumstances beyond our control, read more below under section 6.

2.12 If you as a traveller are delayed or absent from you scheduled taxi

It is your responsibility as a traveller to be on time for your scheduled taxi. When appointed pickup time has passed the driver will attempt to make contact with you by telephone if you have provided a number. If the driver is prompted to remain waiting, a waiting fee will be started in accordance with current pricing. 5 minutes after the appointed pickup time the driver has a right to cancel your trip and you will in such a case be charged for the full trip.

If the place in which you are located lacks an address or is difficult to find we ask that you cooperate with the driver to find an appropriate pickup location. When booking through our digital channels you will receive the driver's telephone number when the booking is complete. Your telephone number will also be provided to the driver. If you know that the place in which you will be picked up is difficult to find you can also inform this and other details to the driver regarding your pickup location during the booking process, for example “The road is closed, but stop by the mailbox, I’ll be there”.

When the ordered pickup location is at an airport the following applies. The taxi will wait 15 minutes after appointment pickup time. After 15 minutes has passed the driver will contact you if you have provided a number. If the driver is prompted to remain waiting a waiting fee will be started in accordance with current pricing. If you do not answer when the driver is trying to contact you the driver will wait another 10 minutes (in total 25 minutes after the appointed pickup time) before cancelling the booking and leaving the pickup place. In such a case you are obliged to fully pay for the trip.

3 Payment for the trip

3.1 Payment using invoice

As a Corporate Customer, you become an invoice customer at Taxi Göteborg. To become an invoice customer, you must create a corporate account, see more under section 5 below. Taxi Göteborg will also do a credit check and may then obtain a credit report about you. In connection with the credit information, Taxi Göteborg may set an upper credit limit for you. Invoicing can be done either against your customer number or against Svea Taxi Alliance's company card, see below under section 3.2.

Invoicing for current account debt will be invoiced monthly in arrears or with another longer time interval that is agreed in writing between Taxi Göteborg and you. Full payment of current account debt must be received by Taxi Göteborg no later than the due date stated on the invoice issued. You are responsible for payment of the account debt that arises on the account through the use of the Service together with any interest, fee and other costs incurred by the account in connection with this. In the event of late payment, interest is payable on the amount due in accordance with section 6 of the Swedish Interest Act.

The Corporate Customer is always obliged to pay the invoice if the Corporate Customer has not disputed payment obligation within 14 days of receiving the invoice.

3.2 Business card and Svea Taxi Alliance

You can order a company card from Svea Taxi Alliance by contacting us through our customer portal: The company card is a payment card with credit that is valid for all partners within the nationwide taxi collaboration Svea Taxi Alliance. Invoicing takes place monthly by Svea Taxi Alliance and all invoice questions must therefore be asked directly there.

Svea Taxi Alliance consists of about 100 local taxi companies throughout Sweden. When you are in a "Svea place", you simply order a taxi by calling us to Taxi Gothenburg and we will connect you to the local Svea taxi company. The company card is accepted as payment in all taxi companies that are affiliated with Svea Taxi Alliance. Read more at

4 Your obligations as a traveller

As a traveller you should presume that certain delays or unforeseen circumstances may arise during the trip and you are obliged to limit the possible damage du may suffer in, for example, a delay. That is why we ask you to:

  • Be on time for your ordered taxi. Stand on the appointed pickup location at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pickup time.
  • Remember to have a good margin of time between your taxi journey and any connecting departures at the final destination of the taxi journey.

4.1 Our right to deny you access to the Service

If you use the Service in violation of these Terms or otherwise in violation of the instructions that Taxi Göteborg at one point or another allots (“Misuse of the Service”), and not take action to correct the violation within a reasonable time from when Taxi Göteborg points this out, then Taxi Göteborg has the right to, temporarily or permanently, deny you access to the Service.

The following behaviour will always be considered Misuse of the Service:

  • You refrain from paying for your taxi trip,
  • You repeatedly fail to show up on time for your scheduled taxi,
  • You on repeated occasions illicitly use other travellers booked cars,
  • You on repeated occasions have been denied travelling with us with reference to point 4.2 below, or
  • You damage Taxi Göteborgs property.

4.2 Our right to deny you the Service on individual cases

Aside from what is normally in accordance to the Terms, Taxi Göteborg reserves the right to deny you a booked trip if the following cases:

  • The driver makes the assessment that your luggage is inappropriate, for example because it contains dangerous or explosive materials or sharp or clunky material (e.g. a bicycle).
  • You are intoxicated,
  • You behave aggressively or threateningly,
  • You subject our drivers to offensive behaviour (including but not limited to racial slurs, sexual harrasment or bullying).

If Taxi Göteborg denies you a scheduled trip with regards to this section 4, your trip will be credited.. You have no right to further compensation when denied a trip in accordance with this section 4.2. Note that you may also be liable for compensation to Taxi Göteborg for arisen damage in accordance with section 4.3 below.

4.3 Your liability for compensation to Taxi Göteborg

If your actions in accordance with section 4.1 and 4.2 above bring damage and/or additional costs to Taxi Göteborg, including but not limited to internal cleaning of the taxi car and/or reparation of Taxi Göteborgs property, you are liable for compensation to Taxi Göteborg.

5 Special terms and conditions for your corporate account

5.1 Registration of corporate account

To become a Corporate Customer, you need to register a corporate account with us. You are responsible for providing correct and complete contact information and for keeping the contact information in your account up to date at all times. Your company account may not be transferred or leased. You alone are responsible for all activity that occurs from your account, which is why it is important that you keep your password secret and use it in a safe way. Note that you are obliged to pay for all amounts that apply to your account when your account is used for booking a taxi.

5.2 Termination of corporate account

Your account is active until further notice. You can at any time terminate your corporate account by informing Taxi Göteborg through our customer portal, see under section 9. During termination, any account debts fall due for payment immediately.

5.3 Unauthorised usage of corporate account

Should you discover that your account has been exposed to unauthorised usage you will report this to us immediately. Taxi Göteborg will then lock the account. After Taxi Göteborg has locked the account you are no longer obliged to pay for any amounts that have subsequently been charged to the account.

5.4 Our right to terminate your corporate account

A corporate account that has been inactive (meaning that no activity has taken place from the account) for the past 24 months will be deregistered. 1 month before the deregistration Taxi Göteborg will send out a notice to you.

If you use your corporate account in violation of these Terms or otherwise in violations to the instructions that Taxi Göteborg at one point or another instructs (“Misuse of Corporate Account”), and not take action to correct this within a reasonable period of time from the time that Taxi Göteborg points this out, Taxi Göteborg has the right to terminate your corporate account effective immediately.

The following use of the corporate account will always be considered Misuse of Corporate Account:

  • You refrain from paying your account debt in time, or Taxi Göteborg has has valid reason to suspect you will not pay your debts in time, or
  • You repeatedly book taxi trips from your account where you are delayed or refrain from in violation to these Terms.

During termination of your corporate account, any account debts fall due for payment immediately.

6 Our responsibility

Our service to you includes keeping ourselves informed and updated on traffic conditions and other conditions for carrying through our Service to you as well as correctly as possible inform you of estimated travelling time and other information about your trip.

We at Taxi Göteborg will do our best to make sure all such information to you is correct, but can never provide guarantee regarding information that depends on factors beyond our control.

We strive to provide you with satisfactory services. If you are unsatisfied we ask that you contact us, and we will do what we can to resolve the situation as satisfactorily as possible.

In order for Taxi Göteborg to be responsible in accordance with these Terms, the Corporate Customers must file a complaint about the taxi trip within 14 days of the taxi trip being carried out.

7 Limitation of liability

In the event of a delay/absence of a taxi, no additional compensation is paid in addition to the standardised compensation stated in section 2.11 above.

If you suffer personal injury or property damage that is covered by Taxi Göteborg's insurance, you can receive a maximum compensation in an amount corresponding to any insurance compensation.

With the exception of liability for personal injury caused by Taxi Göteborg's intent or negligence, Taxi Göteborg's highest total liability for all other claims under or related to these Terms is limited to a maximum of 1 price base amount for property damage and a maximum of 10% of the price base amount at the time of taxi journey. pure property damage.

Taxi Göteborg is under no circumstances liable for indirect damage, including but not limited to loss of profit, lost production or lost or damaged goodwill.

Taxi Göteborg is not responsible for delays or complications due to special traffic conditions, accidents, road works or unexpected weather.

Taxi Göteborg are also not otherwise responsible for failure to fulfil their duties in accordance with these Terms in those cases where the failure depends on circumstances beyond the control of Taxi Göteborg. Such exonerating circumstances shall be considered war or warlike actions, government restrictions, fire, prohibition, deficiencies or other similar circumstances.

8 Contract period

These Terms are bound to you at any time you use the Service at Taxi Göteborg. If you no longer wish to be bound by these Terms, you may stop using our Service.

9 Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the Service, your customer account otherwise wishes to contact us, please use our customer portal:

10 Other

You may not transfer or lease your rights or obligations under these Terms. Taxi Göteborg does however have the right to transfer their rights or obligations in accordance with these Terms.

Should any provision of these Terms or any part thereof be found to be invalid, this shall not mean that the Terms in their entirety are invalid but shall, insofar as the invalidity substantially affects a party’s exchange or performance under the Terms, place reasonable adjustments to the Terms.

11 Secrecy

Corporate customers undertake not to disclose or disclose information (whether in oral, written electronic or other form) about Taxi Gothenburg's operations during the contract period and for a period of 1 year thereafter (regardless of whether it is in oral, written electronic or other form) or trade secret or otherwise use such information for any purpose other than for the Corporate Customer's fulfilment of its obligations under these Terms. Information that Taxi Göteborg has stated to be confidential must always be considered a trade or professional secret.

12 Choice of law and dispute resolution

Swedish rights shall apply to these Terms. Disputes that arise from these Terms shall be settled by an appropriate general court.

Terms and Conditions - corporate. Version 2.1. 
Last updated: 20220822.