Frequently asked questions

  • Do you have a fixed price and how can I find out a price for a taxi ride between two addresses?

    The easiest way is to use our app or web booking. Fill in "Departure address and destination", then click "More options". This will show you the fixed price.
    If you are looking for more price options, you can check out our price list.

  • Can I pre-order a taxi?

    Yes, you can pre-order taxis around the clock with our app, online or phone.

  • Are there different taximeter prices, depending on which time you travel?

    Yes, the taximeter price varies depending on the time of day you travel. See taximeter prices.

  • Can I order a taxi with an infant car seat?

    Of course! You can bring your own infantcar seat free of charge, or you can order a car with one for an extra fee of SEK 100. We only have a limited amount of infant car seats avaliable so we can't guarantee a direct transport. You can book different additions both in our app and online. Read more about travelling with children here.

  • Can I get my trip on an invoice?

    Yes, if your company has a business account with us, with approved credit.

  • Are you allowed to bring pets in your taxis?

    Yes. When you book in our app or website you can bring a pet in most of our cars. Simply mark your add ons and leave a message about the size or your pet. You can read more about our rules when travelling with pets here.

  • I have cancelled my trip, when will I recieve my refund?

    If you have paid your trip with a credit or debit card then you will usually recieve your refund within 1 business day. If you paid using Swish you will reviece your refund within 1-3 days.