About Gothenburg Central Station, airport, ferry terminals and hotels

Gothenburg Central Station

The taxi station is located next to train track 1. Taxi Göteborg operates lane 1 (closest to the train track).

At Gothenburg Central Station there is a special taxi queuing system: Select Taxi Gothenburg on the screen next to the taxi station. A queue note with taxi number is fed out. Take the queue tag and go to the taxi that has the same number as your queue tag.

If you need help, Central Station's own taxi hosts are often on hand. If the queue app system is not working: You can always select a Taxi Göteborg car in file 1, regardless of whether it is first in line or not.

Note that Jernhusens surcharge is charged at each departure from the taxi station at Gothenburg Central Station.

If you pre-order a taxi from Gothenburg Central Station, we will pick you up at Burggrevegatan 4, at track 1. Then no additional fee will be charged.

Landvetter Airport

You will find the taxi rank when you leave the arrival hall and cross the road.

Available Taxi Gothenburg cars are waiting at the taxi station.

We always offer fixed prices to and from Landvetter Airport.

Please note that Swedavias surcharge is charged at each departure from the taxi station at Landvetter Airport.

Time spent on landing time before driving:

  • No luggage checked in - 5 min
  • Checked in bagage - 15 min
  • Charter trip- 30 min

We follow Swedavia's website for arrivals and update bookings after their updates.

After fifteen minutes, in addition to the time specified above, the customer will be contacted if you have entered a number. If we are told to wait, SEK 50 / started ten-minute period will be charged. If the customer does not respond, the car waits another 10 minutes before they contact our customer service and announce that they are releasing the booking (25 minutes after the booked time). If the customer does not come, a fee corresponding to a taxi ride to central Gothenburg will be charged.

Svenska Mässan and Hotel Gothia Towers

Visitors to Svenska Mässan is referred to the taxi service at Hotel Gothia Towers entrance. Taxi hosts, from the companies that have permission from the hotel to pick up and drop off, are on site during peak hours.

Stena Lines ferry terminals

The Denmark terminal

Taxi Gothenburg's berth is in the car park, next to the ferry terminal. Follow the signs from the terminal, via an indoor "footbridge", into the car park. The berth is signposted with our logo.

The Germany terminal

The taxi rank at Stena Line's Germany terminal is outside the main entrance. So just get off the boat and straight into the taxi.


The nearest taxi rank is on Storgatan. Taxi service is also available at Stora Teatern (before Kungsportsbron). There are taxi ranks along Södra vägen 9-13.