Private account

A Private account is for Taxi Gothenburg's private customers who want to collect bonuses on their taxi journeys and get other attractive offers. Book quick and easy with our app or on the website, you will also receive information directly about what the trip will cost.

This is how a private account works

When you order a taxi, you log in with your username and password. Your bonus is automatically registered to your personal account when you have completed a trip. The private account is free of charge.


When you travel for at least SEK 1,000, you get a bonus of SEK 50 which is charged to your bonus balance. You then receive SEK 50 in bonus for every SEK 1,000 turnover. The current bonus balance is displayed when you log in to your account. You can then use the bonus as a means of payment for trips that you book through the online booking. Twice a year, on 1/1 and 1/7, the bonus is reset for those who have an outstanding bonus balance.

GDPR and data management

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