About Göteborg Central Station, the airport, ferry terminals and hotels 

Göteborg Central Station 

The taxi rank is placed next to train track 1. Taxi Göteborg operates lane 1 (closest to the track).

Göteborg Central Station has a special taxi queue system: Choose Taxi Göteborg on the screen next to the taxi rank. A queue ticket with your taxi number is then delivered. Take your ticket and go to the taxi that has the same number as on your ticket.  

If you need any assistance, the Central Station’s own taxi hosts are usually at hand. Should the ticket system be out of order, you can always choose a Taxi Göteborg car in lane 1, regardless if it is the first in line or not. 

Please note that Jernhusen’s additional fee will be charged at every departure from the taxi rank at Göteborg Central Station.

If you pre-book a taxi from Göteborg Central Station, we will pick you up at First Hotel G, instead of at the taxi rank. Then, no additional fee is charged. 

Landvetter Airport 

The taxi rank is placed between the entrances to the arrivals hall/foreign arrivals and the departure hall/foreign departures. Taxi Göteborg operates one of the lanes. 

Available cars from Taxi Göteborg waits at the taxi rank. If not, you are welcome to make a reservation. 

We always offer fixed fares to and from Landvetter Airport.

Please note that Swedavia’s additional fee  will be charged at every departure from the taxi rank at Landvetter Airport.

Time added to arrival time before the car approaches:

No checked baggage - 5 min

Checked baggage - 15 min

Package tours - 40 min

We always check Swedavia’s website for arrival times and update bookings according to their information. 

After fifteen minutes, in addition to the specified time above, we will contact the customer, if we have a phone number.  If we are told to wait, SEK 50/commenced ten-minute period will be charged. If there is no answer from the customer, the car waits another 10 minutes before contacting our customer service to let them know they’re dropping the booking (25 minutes after booked time). If the customer does not show, a fee equivalent to a trip to central Göteborg will be charged. 

Svenska Mässan and Hotel Gothia Towers 

Visitors to Svenska Mässan are referred to the taxi rank by the entrance to Hotel Gothia Towers. Taxi hosts, from companies with the hotel’s permission to pick up and drop passengers, are present during peak hours. 

Stena Line’s ferry terminals 

The Denmark terminal 

Taxi Göteborg’s arrival point is in the parking garage next to the ferry terminal. Follow the signs from the terminal, via an indoor walkway, into the parking garage. The arrival point is marked with a sign bearing our logo

The Germany terminal 

The taxi rank at Stena Line’s Germany terminal is right outside the main entrance. Just step off the boat and into your taxi. 


The taxi rank closest to Kungsportsavenyn is at Storgatan. Stora Teatern also has a taxi rank (just before the bridge: Kungsportsbron). And there are taxi spots along Södra vägen 9-13.