Environment, quality and safety 

Taxi Göteborg is certified according to Säker Grön Taxi, a management system for environment, quality and road safety. The system is designed by Svenska Taxiförbundet (the Swedish Taxi Association) and can be described as a "taxified" ISO-system.

Entrepreneur of the year 2016 - Stora Trafiksäkerhetspriset

In 2016, we were awarded with the grand prize for road safety in Sweden. The statement of the jury:

"Through a series of proactive measures, the winner contributes to raising road safety for taxi trips. The winner has introduced vision tests for all their drivers, installed defibrillators in a number of vehicles, and safety certified their operations."

Road safe vision guaranteed 

We are the first Swedish taxi company to ensure that our drivers operate with traffic-safe vision. 

Read more about our vision tests here. 


Some of our cars are equipped with defibrillators. The drivers of these vehicles are trained in CPR and in using a defibrillator. Our cars with defibrillators are marked with a green-white sticker from the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation.

A defibrillator is the only effective aid when someone is suffering from cardiac arrest. Taxi Göteborg’s defibrillators have been donated by the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation.

Our drivers 

We set high standards for our drivers. Read more about admission and driver education.

Corporate policy 

Taxi Göteborg’s business is offering and performing safe and comfortable passenger transports to companies, business travelers, society and individuals. We shall provide the best possible service, strive to decrease the environmental impact, increase the quality and prevent occupational hazards. 

We are focusing our work to improve in the following areas:


We are constantly following the development in order to increase long-term road safety, to decrease fuel consumption and increase the amount of renewable energy used in our vehicles.

  • All our vehicles are equipped with BAIIDs (breath alcohol ignition interlock device) to prevent the car from being operated by drivers with alcohol in their system. 

  • In order that it will not pay off to commit crimes against drivers and/or passengers, all our vehicles are equipped with security cameras.

  • You can always make a reservation for a car with an approved child safety seat. 

  • Our cars can be a maximum of six years old, they are usually replaced sooner.

IT and Systems 

We prioritize system development with the aim to simplify taxi bookings, to perform safer and more comfortable taxi trips and to make our administration more effective.   

We work continuously with improvements and preventions to create a positive change within our focus areas. In this work, we follow good taxi traditions, as well as all laws and other requirements that apply. 

We listen to our customers and our co-workers to drive progress. As a part of our work to improve, we continuously educate our staff to increase awareness and knowledge. 

The certification Säker Grön Taxi is an important part of our long-term strategic work, as well as a prerequisite for us to be able to meet all the challenges ahead