Watch out for taxi copy cats and illegal taxicabs 

Here in the Göteborg area there are several cars whose business idea is to copy the branding of Taxi Göteborg’s cars. The goal for these rogue riders is to make you believe you are riding with Taxi Göteborg – and in some cases, overcharge you for the trip. Outrageous! These copy cats often call themselves ”Göteborgs Taxi”, ”Taxi i Göteborg” or something similar.

We try to take these impersonations as a compliment, but the fact is, they are cheating our customers and stealing trips from our honest working drivers. So, to feel safe and make sure you choose a real taxi, use these three simple tricks:  

  • Look for our friendly taxi guy – Stig – his portrait is on the side and on the hood of the car. No Stig on the car? Then it isn’t Taxi Göteborg. You can see what he looks like at the bottom of the page.

  • Look for our unique roof displays. In the front, you can see if the car is booked or available. All our cars, except a few of our minivans, have these displays.  

  • Look for the sticker with pricing information on the rear window. According to Swedish law, every taxi shall have their pricing information, designed according to a set template, at the rear window of the car. The sticker shall include a comparative price, based on a 10-kilometer drive that takes 15 minutes. 

Beware of unlicensed taxis

This untaxed activity is a criminal act. Riding with an unlicensed taxi is not illegal, but the driver who operates an unregistered taxi commits a crime. 

The police also urge everybody to refrain from riding with unlicensed taxis, since many passengers in this type of cars are subject to violent crimes and robberies.   

An unregistered taxi looks like an ordinary car, it can be any make, model or color. But it has no taxi signs, no taxi stickers and no taxi equipment (for example no taximeter).

For your own good – never ride with an unlicensed taxi!