How to book a taxi 

At Taxi Göteborg you can pre-order or book a taxi directly in several different ways: 

Online booking 650000.se 

Use your computer or your phone to enter your booking. If you have an account, you start by logging in with your information. Then enter the address, date and time, your name and your phone number. Done! 

To the online booking

Customer service +46 31 650 000 

An operator takes your order.  

Clients with a corporate contract has their own phone number. Clients with a corporate contract also need to state their customer ID when booking.

The Taxi Göteborg app

Download our app and book your taxi, for Iphone and for Android. 

Grab a taxi in the streets 

The so-called "hands up", or hailing a cab. When you see the white taxi with a portrait of our happy taxi guy Stig on the side and on the hood of the car: just wave! The sign in front shows if the taxi is available. Make sure you choose the ”right” taxi .