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Not many know Göteborg as well as our taxi drivers! Take a guided sightseeing tour with one of our trained taxi guides, and see Göteborg from its very best side. 

Besides in Swedish, we also offer our guided tour in, for example Danish, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian. Are you missing a language? Ask us, we have more to offer. 

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The Göteborg Tour 

Our guided tour, the Göteborg Tour is designed for you to see the best sights of the city. This takes 1 hour and 15 minutes and starts somewhere in central Göteborg, depending on where you’re at. 

For example, we pass by the following locations: Göteborgsoperan, Gustav Adolfs Torg, Kungsgatan, Feskekörkan, Pedagogen, Saluhallen, Gamla Ullevi, Liseberg, Svenska Mässan, Götaplatsen, Avenyn, Vasagatan, Haga, Skansen Kronan, Masthuggskyrkan, Casinot, Kronhusbodarna and many more.

1-4 persons SEK 690 

5-8 persons SEK 890 

Custom-made Guided Tour 

You also have the possibility to customize a trip with the guide driver, if there is something specific you wish to see.

Here, we charge a fixed rate for each half hour started. 

1-4 persons SEK 350/half hour started

5-8 persons SEK 450/half hour started

Since these tours are operated by a select group of drivers, you cannot book a taxi guide through or regular customer service number, or by hailing a taxi in the street. Please make your reservation at +46 31 651530.