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The Private account is designed for Taxi Göteborg’s individual customers who want to collect bonus on their taxi trips.

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How the Private account works

If you already have a Taxi Card: Private, you can connect this to your Private account. 

The Private account works like this: when booking a taxi through 650000.se ,you log in with your username and password. Your trip is then automatically registered, and you will receive bonus for it, without swiping your Taxi Card in the car. 

When booking through our app, or taking a taxi out on the town, you still need to swipe your Taxi Card, if you have one, to get your bonus. 


If you travel for more than SEK 2000 a year, you will get a bonus. This bonus increases in relation to your travel volume per year. The bonus will be paid out retroactively once a year – in March – in the form of taxi vouchers. The Taxi Card Private is Taxi Göteborg’s loyalty card for individuals. The card rewards loyal taxi travelers, who travels for at least SEK 2000 per year. The bonus increases in relation to your travel volume per year. 

Travel for SEK/year

Bonus, in percent

0 – 1 999


2 000 – 4 999


5 000 -


Was your trip not registered? Register your trip afterwards here.

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