This is a trip with Taxi Göteborg 


You can book a taxi in several different ways: 

- Call our customer service +46 31 650 000

- Visit www.650000.se on your computer or phone

- Book through our app 

- Grab a taxi in the streets 

Base fares and additional fees 

Regardless of how you book, there is a base fare. If your trip starts at Landvetter Airport or Göteborg Central Station, an additional fee will be charged. These surcharges are payed by Taxi Göteborg to Swedavia or Jernhusen, for use of the taxi ranks at these locations. 

The friendly taxi guy and the price sticker 

To make sure you’re stepping into a car from Taxi Göteborg check for Stig – our friendly taxi guy – on the car, and make sure the driver’s ID-badge on the chest shows that she or he is with Taxi Göteborg.

And, regardless of which taxi company you choose – always check the comparative price. According to Swedish law, every taxi shall have their pricing information, designed according to a set template, at the rear window of the car. The sticker shall include a comparative price, based on a 10-kilometer drive that takes 15 minutes. See Taxi Göteborg’s comparative prices.

Security camera 

The moment you step into the car, our security camera snaps five quick photos. These images can only be accessed by request of the Police (according to our agreement with Länsstyrelsen, our County Administrative Board). The images are meant to increase the security for both drivers and customers, and they have helped the police on numerous occasions to identify persons and investigate crimes. A sticker shows that the car has permission to use a security camera.

Discount cards

Before your trip begins, swipe your Taxi Card Corporate or Taxi Card Private in the card reader, if you have one of these. Taxi vouchers, single-use cards or any temporary discount card must be presented before the trip starts. 

Rolling rate or fixed fare 

After that, the taxi meter runs – unless you have agreed upon a fixed fare with customer service. Customer service are the only ones who can approve a fixed fare, with the exception of trips to and from Landvetter Airport. Here, the driver has set fixed fares in the taxi meter. As long as the taxi meter is active, customer service can see where the car is at. 

Arrival and payment 

When you’ve arrived at your desired address, it’s time to pay. And, if you have a Taxi Card Corporate or a Taxi Card Private, it’s time to swipe it in the car reader one more time. At your receipt, you’ll find all the information about your trip. Always save your receipt, this way we can always identify the car you rode in – perhaps you’ve left something behind? When you open the door to step out, the security camera snaps another five quick photos. The same rules apply for these pictures as with the ones previously described. 

Track trips 

Bookings made through customer service and online are registered in our traffic management system and can be traced in detail afterwards. Trips in taxis grabbed in the street can be traced through our payment system, provided you’ve kept your receipt. 

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call our customer service at +46 31 650 000. They hold the answers to just about anything when it comes to Taxi Göteborg.

Enjoy your trip!