Do you have fixed fares – and how can I find out how much a taxi trip between two addresses costs? 

The easiest way is to use our online booking. Enter “pick up address” and “destination address”. Then choose “search fixed fare”. You can also call +46 31 650 000 to get information on fixed fares for trips within Göteborg. 

Can I pre-book a taxi?

Yes, you can pre-order a taxi at all hours. With the exception of Landvetter Airport, where we always have cars on site. 

Does the taximeter rate vary, depending on what time of the day you travel? 

Yes, the taxi meter price varies depending on what time of day you ride with us. See taxi meter rates.

We are five people who need a taxi, so we can’t fit into an ordinary car? Do you offer larger cars? 

Yes, we have large cars for 5-8 passengers, so-called minivans. However, the number of these are limited. These large cars are a bit more expensive to drive, therefore a trip in a large car taxi costs a little extra. 

Can I book a taxi with a child safety seat, and how much does it cost? 

Yes, read more here. The cost for a child safety seat is SEK 100.  Make your reservation by phone + 46 31 650 000, not through our online booking. 

Can I have my trip invoiced? 

Yes, if your company has a corporate account, with approved credit. 

My Taxi Card Private has expired/does not work. What to do? 

Contact Taxi Göteborg’s sales department right away, we’ll send you a new one. 

When do I get my bonus? 

The bonus for the previous calendar year will be paid out during February and March each year, to eligible customers who traveled for more than SEK 2 000 the year before.

When booking a taxi through your IVR, you state my old address. Why, and what can I do about it? 

The interactive voice response connects your phone number with your address. Regretfully, we do not receive automatic updates on changed addresses so we ask you to book your taxi through our operators instead, and ask him/her to enter your new address into our system. After that, the IVR will state your new address. 

Can I bring pets into your taxis? 

Yes, as long as you notify customer service when booking. 

Why are you so expensive? 

Our fares are based on the costs we have for running a round the clock business, in line with our key words service, responsibility and availability: Good quality vehicles, fuel, insurances, wages according to collective agreements, technology/equipment (advanced traffic management system, BAIIDs/Alco locks, security cameras, payment terminals that meet all requirements – and more) as well as customer service and complaints service.