Svea Taxi Allians 

Svea Taxi Allians is made up of more than one hundred taxi companies all over Sweden. Taxi Göteborg is one of them.  

Easy payment 

Taxi Göteborg’s corporate clients, who travel with a Svea taxi, can always pay with Taxi Card Corporate. 

Call home to book
No matter where you’re at, you can always call ”home” to Taxi Göteborg. We will connect you to the local Svea taxi central. (Assuming you are in one of the more than a hundred locations that Svea’s members cover.)

Svea’s customer pledges 

  1. The switchboard responds, around the clock, every day of the year*

  2. Pre-booking gives you a car, around the clock, every day of the year*

  3. When booking directly, the taxi arrives within 15 minutes*

  4. Correct pricing upon payment

  5. All taxi trips can be specified on one single invoice 

  6. To actively work for decreasing environmental impact 

  7. If you have a complaint, we will get back to you within three business days

  8. All drivers can show their taxi driver license

  9. Documented safety policy regarding alcohol and drugs

* Exceptions may occur in some smaller towns.

You recognize Svea Taxi Allians on the yellow crown placed on the side window of the members’ taxis. Read more about Svea Taxi Allians.