Our history 

Since 1922 

Taxi Göteborg was founded in 1922. We were the first taxi company in Göteborg, and our original name was Göteborgs Droskägarförening.

To order a carriage, you could walk to the nearest taxi station, or you could call. A “telephone boy” took the incoming calls and then ran out with the addresses to the waiting carriages. 

The vehicles at this time were horses and carriages. But not for long. By the end of the 1920’s the carriages were replaced with motorized cars. In the middle of the 1960’s radios and communication equipment were installed in the cars. 

Computerized bookings 

In the beginning of the 1980’s the business changed considerably. As the first taxi company in the world, we introduced a computerized booking system. Now, the operators could book available cars, without talking to the drivers.

Free competition

The next big change occurred in 1990, when the taxi market in Sweden was deregulated and free competition became a reality. To separate ourselves from the new competitors, every Taxi Göteborg car became white by the middle of the 1990’s. As opposed to earlier, when our fleet consisted of cars in (nearly) every color of the rainbow. 

Stig – the taxi guy

To further strengthen our branding, and to separate us from copycays and rouge riders, Taxi Göteborg got a new fresh face in the beginning of this century. Meet Stig. 

Stig is the friendly taxi guy in our logo. He is a fictional taxi driver, but his role model was very real indeed: Ragnar Fagerberg. Ragnar is a legend within Taxi Göteborg. His father was one of our founders back in 1922, and Ragnar himself ran the association’s largest haulage company. 

Online booking and a national network 

In 2005, Taxi Göteborg took another leap forward by introducing bookings on the web. And shortly after, Taxi Göteborg became one of the around one hundred members in the newly formed national taxi network Svea Taxi Allians. The next step was taken in 2009, when Taxi Göteborg and Taxi Väst began a close cooperation. In 2010, we became a partner in Taxi Stenungsund, and since 2012 we are the owners of Taxi Kungsbacka.

Today, Taxi Göteborg is the largest taxi company in Western Sweden, with approximately 300 vehicles and 650 drivers. We drive around the clock, 365 days a year, and perform around 3000 trips, every single day.