About Taxi Göteborg 

Taxi Göteborg is the largest taxi company in Western Sweden. 

We perform transports for:

  • Companies in need of passenger transport

  • Business travelers to, from and within the region

  • Public administration (i.e. special transport, patient transport and school transport) 

  • Individuals

Business concept

Taxi Göteborg offers passenger transport with the best possible service to companies, business travelers, society and individuals.

Core values 

  • To provide service 

  • To take responsibility

  • To be available

Our drivers 

We set high standards for our taxi drivers. To drive taxi with us you need to complete, and pass, our own taxi education which includes: local knowledge, security, booking system, taximeter handling, contracts, tariffs, traffic regulations and, of course, practice in traffic.

Drivers performing care transports (special transport and patient transport) gets extra training to be able to help customers with special needs.


Taxi Göteborg is an economic association. The association, Taxi Göteborg Ekonomisk Förening, is owned by approximately 100 members. The members are the ones running the haulage companies who owns all the taxis and employs the drivers. 

At Taxi Göteborg’s office, about 35 people are employed, working with booking, customer service, finance, IT, member service, information, sales and marketing.